Wednesday 13 May 2020

It Simp[y Beggars Belief..................from Rico

COVID-1984 has been pure snake oil, bunkum, a classic long-con that would make Bernie Madoff green with envy. It has also been incredibly short on actual science and/or facts, but compensating for that we have been 'told' a lot of stuff by 'experts' who apparently cannot (or do not want to) find their own ass with both hands.
- Flattening imaginary curves?
- Social distancing?
- Wear masks to protect yourself from others (as opposed to protecting others from you)?
I guess the Jimmy Carter's Dept of Education and fluoridating the water supply worked as planned and Americans are now dumbed-down to the point where they beLIEve whatever ridiculous shit they're told...
Cue Pee Wee Herman dancing to the song "Tequila!"

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