Friday 5 June 2020

The Rolling Coup*.................from Rico

Have you noticed that Dr Fauci has been replaced by the George Floyd 'protests' [riots]?
- The 24/7 Coronavirus media saturation coverage is completely gone, replaced by 24/7 media protest/riot saturation coverage. The 'pandemic scare' has been kicked aside by the 'anarchy scare.'
This is merely the latest phase of the rolling COUP*, with the MSM running cover for the coup...the Democrat's [read: Soros] latest attempt to take down Trump, and then America.
*Brought to you by the Soros Fellowship.


edutcher said...

Take a look at the jobs report.

Mark Matis said...

Obama is actually Barry Soetoro. His name was legally changed when he lived in Indonesia. Furthermore, he renounced his US citizenship at that time so he could attend public school there. At that time, Indocnesia did not let non-citizens attend their public schools, and did not recognize DUAL citizenship.

And there is no indication that he legally changed his name back after that.