Monday 13 July 2020

Fool me once, shame on YOU; twice shame on ME....................from Rico

One certain way to discern a SCAM is when the story keeps changing as it has with the CCP Virus [WuFlu, Beer Virus, novel corona virus, whatever...I prefer the Chinese Communist Party Virus myself].
The global economic crisis resulting from the heavy-handed governmental over-reaction to essentially a non-threat was obvious to everyone except the 'experts' and the 'politicians' who listened to them and made really stupid decisions by shutting the world down.
- Supply chain disruptions followed by retail disruptions, followed by declining sales, followed by disappearing cash flow, followed by layoffs, followed by busimess closures, followed by shrinking tax receipts, followed by unserviceable public and private debts, followed by bankruptcies, followed by societal breakdown.
And we have been played for fools, by bigger fools...

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