Tuesday 4 August 2020

Advice from the Police of Little Mogadishu...................from Rico

It greatly saddens me to see what decades of 'progressive' Democrat rule has done to Minneapolis. I spent much time there in my youth, but today they had to strap Mary Tyler Moore down to stop her from spinning in her grave.
- Minneapolis has become Little Mogadisu [read: a shit hole].
And it's not just the Politicians who have abdicated their responsibility and reason, but the Police too.
Well, for those unable to MOVE AWAY, the only reasonable alternative to being left on your own is to say AWWWW HELL NO and arm yourselves while being prepared to shoot these criminals 'n Communists in the face.
- Just shoot them!
PS: It's only August, we have not yet seen either peak crazy or peak stupid. Wait until this Fall!

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