Sunday 9 August 2020

Democrat coup detat 2020....................from Rico

The 2020 election is not just a rehash of 2016's but a planned payback to restore the Democrats to power.
- The rolling Democrat coup since then will be completed.
Whomever Biden's VP 'pick' is, it will be irrelevant for two reasons:
1. She will be under the control of Barack Hussein Obama, the self-appointed leader of the resistance...the Communist asshole who never really left after his second term and who has been acting as a shadow president for the Democrats ever since 2016.
2. The Dem's have a clever "plan"...even IF they cannot steal/rig enough votes to drag Dementia Joe over the finish line, they don't have to count any ballots at all.
- Enough Democrat election officials refusing to certify the election results triggers Section 3 of the 20th Amendment = President Pelosi....or BEVERAGE ALERT...President Hillary.

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