Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Cult Covidian...................from Rico

Remember last March when the lock-down was 'only' for three weeks to "flatten the curve?"

- Take a look around today and medically useless masks are largely 'compulsory' and NOT everything has opened back up.




Which is the greatest danger to humanity?*

- The leaders of the Cult Covidian or the followers?


I submit that an imaginary virus is less of a danger than (a) coercive government and covid cult 'leaders' who purposely have short-circuited critical thinking, and (b) a large population of gullible 'submissives' who unthinkingly accept and embrace coercive government in a sad sado-masochistic way?


Whichever it is, this entire charade has been fear porn, and the ONLY thing that has been "flattened"  was critical and independent thought.


*Cult Covidian: A deeply 'felt' psychotic totalitarian narrative completely removed from reality and fact that is evocative of the former Soviet Union.

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