Monday 30 November 2020

Oh Fock China. Just Fock 'Em

Cross-posted, "Australia demands apology after Chinese government spokesperson shares ‘falsified’ and ‘repugnant’ depiction of Australian soldier."

Why, oh why, is the Chinese minister's tweet not flagged as "disinformation" by the "woke" Twitter memory-hole apparatchiks? 

You know the answer. Big Tech, Big Pharma, the NBA, they're all in the tank for Beijing and they greedily grab for the potential market of billions and billions of endless consumers. Truth and decency be focking damned. 

At CNN, "Australia demands apology after Chinese official tweets 'falsified image' of soldier threatening child."

And at the Syndey Morning Herald, "China fires back at Morrison, doubles down on war crimes accusation."

So brazen. I'd personally like to kick Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian right in the teeth.

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