Monday 1 February 2021

A Different Secession 2021.................from Rico

 Most of my fellow deplorables probably feel the same way.

              I have ALREADY seceded.


It's personal and does NOT rely upon crapweasel politicians, or any of the Marxist twatwaffles that infest what used to be the government.

- I have disassociated from the one-party oligarchy that stole Constitutional America, and the lifestyles, mores, political attitudes and ideology, laws, and self-inflicted wounds now predominant in uber-progressive Big Blue Cities.


The Left wants to commit suicide?

- Fine, but I'm NOT going along for that ride.


Nobody is ever elected by STEALING.

- Biden is nobody's President...he is the figurehead for a COUP, and I am opting out and instead taking the road to Lexington/Concord 2.0.

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Dan said...

Those in power will not ALLOW you to 'secede'. Individuals are a source of wealth to them so
therefore individuals will NEVER be allowed to "become the grey man"....even if they have to KILL YOU.