Saturday 6 February 2021



A friend of mine has 2 tickets to the 2021 Superbowl in Tampa, both box seats. He paid $21,500 each - it comes with a limo ride to and from the airport,  lunch, dinner and a $400 bar tab.

Also, backstage pass to the winner's locker room. He didn't realize when he bought them it was going to be on the same day as his wedding.

If you're interested he's looking for someone to take his place. It's at St. Paul's church in Orlando at 3 pm. Her name is Ashley. She's 5'4", about 115 lbs, and a good cook, too. She loves to fish and hunt.

She'll be the one in the white dress.


Tsquared said...

If I wasn't already married...

Robert the Biker said...

He'll be the one with his head on a spike by the door.

Alex G said...

Any idea how Ashley feels about overweight old men?

edutcher said...

OK, I'll ask.

does that include the wedding night?