Friday 14 May 2021

When FOOLS RULE...................from Rico

 It's NOT just about the price of gas, that is a distraction. Think about $4 gas, then consider how near $40 gas is.

- $200 in Gold 20 years ago is now worth >$18,000, conversely $200 in cash (fiatbux) now WAS worth $20 twenty years ago.


On a macro-level, it's all about destroying the economy, the military, and the religion and culture of America with this Socialist-Marxist agenda being imposed from the top down.

+ Transgender sky pilots?

+ A 'woke' LGBTQ military?*

= How to become a footnote in history.


None of this is coincidental or accidental, but by design.

- The design of our Communist enemies.


*With 'military 'leadership' like this, America will never again be able to beat an adversary bigger than Panama.

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