Saturday 24 July 2021

What Absolute "Tools" .................from Rico

 I'm torn between using "shills" or "liars" so why not use both?

- The US Surgeon General says "...masks are among our most powerful tools" to reduce the spread.

- Fauci says "...vaccinated should 'consider' wearing masks indoors."


Of course, they are going after any remaining marks and/or suckers to push the fear porn until everyone is either 'vaccinated' or dead.

- Masks are part of the PSYOP for what is clearly a CONTROL OP.


Masks my ass!

- A virus is ~100 nanometers in size.

- A medical mask has openings 1,000 times the size of a virus.

- A cloth mask has openings 500,000 times the size of a virus.


Only the mentally incontinent would trust these "tools."

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