Thursday 12 August 2021

A few things ...............from Rico

 There have been "narrative FAILS" of late.*

- The 'vaxx' hesitant are dummies.

- The elites at Barry's Birthday Bash are a 'sopisticated, vaccinated' crowd.

- We 'need' gun control, because white cops are killing blacks, and next up it will be white domestic extremists killing them.


If you ignore the garbage media**, you will recognize the tyranny and be able to follow the real plot line unfolding.


Two things:

*Reject what currently passes for 'government' in America, so long as it wants to control citizens more than the border.

**Ignore the garbage media stories, which largely go: hatchet job, lying, who gives a fuck, more lying, another political hatchet job, complete BS, are you fucking kidding me, even more lying, another load of crap

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