Wednesday 1 December 2021

Jawohl und Sick Heil!!! ......................from Rico

 Ignoring the synchronized hysterical hype from the ever-truthful media along with the 'science' from the ever-correct Herr Doktor Ich Bin Science and fellow Covigarchs, consider this:

- The Omicron variant 'discovered' last week, will have a 'booster' available next week. Sure. Right. If you say so. Jawohl, und Sick Heil!


Omicron is the cover story for the death injections and the excuse to continue them.

- Last year was the Beta test for the lethality of the 'vaccinations.'

- Post-Omicron injections will be tweaked and are the coup de gras...and the adverse effects will be blamed on Omicron.



Take the 'booster.' If you have side effects (including death) it's from the variant, not the 'booster.' Take the 'booster.' It'll be fine.

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