Monday 20 February 2023

Will Sommer, Trust the Plan

See, Will Sommer, Trust the Plan: The Rise of QAnon and the Conspiracy That Unhinged America.


Anonymous said...

Trust in the Lord. From here on out the plan, all the experts and the planners are going to need to be verified multiple times. All this well before you demand we just jump in and exclaim how wonderful the water is going to be when we get in together to be free again, again... All the cheer leaders do not run the show any more, they are the advisers for people that get to make up their own minds without coercion, ridicule or threat of law.

Anonymous said...

Some dude posting on 4chan as a "conspiracy that unhinged America" when the Democrats ran an information op "Russiagate" which made watergate look like littering on the sidewalk in terms of criminality. There were numerous illegal changes in the voting laws due to Covid which made voting less secure, the media and big tech conspiracy to keep the Biden laptop out of the news, the vote harvesting that was ignored and buried (2000 mules) in the swing states - when congress was running impeachment based on Trump's exposure of Biden's known corruption in Ukraine - the 400 million bucks Zuckerburg sent into the swing states to "help" vote counting and get out the vote in deep blue areas and most recently discovered Trump and his supporters being censored in social media and finally Biden's comment about running a fraudulent election. Yeah, tell us about "Qanon" as a factor in "unhinging" America.

What a sick laugh and coverup this book is.