Thursday 20 July 2023

Did He Defect? Witness Describes Moment When U.S. Army Private Travis King Crossed the Demilitarized Line Into North Korea (VIDEO)

Following-up, "U.S. Army Soldier in North Korean Custody After Crossing Border 'Voluntarily'."

It turns out the kid was in big trouble and was in the midst of being sent back to the U.S., apparently for some kind of disciplinary action. Private King may have literally defected.

At WSJ yesterday, "Travis King, U.S. Soldier Held in North Korea, Had Been Detained in South Korea: The American’s ‘willful’ entry to the North instead of facing disciplinary actions creates fresh challenge for Washington and Pyongyang."

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Anonymous said...

he just very well may be smart enough to do something that stupid. He has been educated by the US education system then reaffirmed in the military. All hope is not lost. He could finally learn about reality and change his ways. But I wouldn't hold your breath. Some people can be rather stubborn to reality...