Sunday 24 September 2023

Frogmarched.................from Rico

 Ignorance is bliss...but pretending that danger does not exist does not make it go away.


By 2024 there will be 10-15 million newly arrived illegals in addition to the 20-30 million already in the US.

- Among them are MS-13, Cartel Sicarios, Salvadoran Pride, Haitian gangs, and criminals from all over the world.


US Border Patrol says that of the 7.5 million illegals already released into the country since Biden's [Obama 2.0] installation 5.18 million are single adult males.


Frontex [European Border Agency] in their 2023-2024 'risk' assessment says only 8% of illegals smuggled into the EU were females.


Ayn Rand's cautionary words about the consequences of ignoring reality are coming true as the soon-to-be-former West is frogmarched by the motherWEFers toward a World dictatorship.

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