Saturday 30 September 2023

It's just a test! A test for what?...............from Rico

 I'm from the government and I'm here to help!


FEMA & FCC will TEST the WEA (all consumer cell phones & connected devices) and EAS (smart TV's, radios) systems 04 OCT 2023* about 1440 ET.

-It is a TEST of .Gov's ability to interface [read: interfere] with cell phones and SMART devices.

* FEMA's 03 AUG 2023 press release [attached] says "...unless postponed to 11 OCT due to weather or other significant events" [my rmks: so a TEST to warn of bad weather might be postponed if there is bad weather?].


[?] This system has been in effect for 10 years, but this is only the second TEST for all cellular devices and only the third national TEST.

- WHY? [rmk: there was no system ALERT for the Maui "fire"...]


[!!] When this TEST is sent out .Gov will KNOW your exact location [think: cellular GPS tracing/tracking for geolocation; like 'tracer' rounds work in both directions].


For anyone with less that full faith, confidence, and trust in the entity masquerading as the 'government' it might be prudent to:

- Turn OFF all such devices (ref infra) between 1300-1600 ET.

- Put them in a Faraday bag or cage [tip: microwave ovens are perfect Faraday cages].


All things considered I'm sure this is (1) for our own good, and (2) .Gov is helping us (3) because they care about us!

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Downwind of Seattle said...

Just remember, if you do use an old microwave as your stash to cut the cord off of it so nobody tries it out and really fries what's inside.