Sunday 24 September 2023

Something Bigger This Way Comes..................from Rico

 I've been anticipating a false flag in the wake of the obvious failure of the scamdemic, the vaxx, and Ukraine...but maybe something even bigger is in the works?


The more TPTB fail, the more they try to control the 'narrative'...and the more cynical people become and prone to believe the state* itself has become the enemy which attacks innocent civilians [DEW] while dismantling our civilization.


Context: It was not mere coincidence that Woodrow Wilson went from president of Princeton in 1910, to governor of New Jersey in 1911, to POTUS in 1912 (and the US got the FED in 1913, then WW I in 1914).


Current events are not coincidental either.


*A fake, illegitimate, gay, and Communist [read: retarded] state.

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