Monday 9 October 2023

Betrayal behind the figleaf of Failure?...............from Rico

 This latest Clown World effort to instigate WW III seems like more treason and betrayal hidden behind the fig leaf of failure and reeks of False Flag at the epic level of "Remember the Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, and Saddam's WMD."


The 'Hamas attack' has many fingerprints on it not least of them Obama's and Team Obama's, with multiple state and intelligence actors engaged in pay-for-play. They all either:

- Let it happen

- Helped it happen

- Or set it up


With the provoked Ukraine War having failed in all respects save for ma$$ive grifting and the 2024 US 'election' approaching the likes of Jake (never been right yet) Sullivan needed a new rabbit to pull out of, hat.


Others had their own 'needs' too:

- Pay for play? I'm sure the Palestinians appreciated the $75 million just released to them by the entity pretending to be the USG; just as the odd $6 billion hostage deal that was no deal was payment for their cooperating in this skit.

- Not to slight elements in Mossad who oppose Netanyahu every bit as much as elements in US intelligence oppose Trump. Did they sacrifice a few Israeli's to manipulate Bibi into going into Gaza hoping that massive IDF casualties would help them force Netanyahu out in order to bring back Epstein's old friend Ehud Barak?

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