Friday 27 October 2023

Fooling Nobody But Themselves.................from Rico

 Another .gov-sponsored false flag mass shooting...a signature 'move' by the Obamunists.


Q: With election season 2024 nearing, ask if 'they' [Team Obama/the Donks/motherWEFers] are craven and depraved enough to play the "Americans are the terrorists" gambit?

A: Yes.


This fits the long-running manufactured Trotskyite Fed.bois "narrative" too perfectly.

- Evil black AR assault rifle

- White male

- Army reservist

- Under 'treatment' for mental problems


PERFECT EXCUSE for .Gov/Federal LE to drop the hammer on "armed MAGA white supremicists" who are the wet dream fantasy of the Leftard junta (while blind to Antifa/BLM, Islamist terrorists).

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