Thursday 12 October 2023


 This is a series of headlines documenting the aggressive nature of bad actors around the world that I believe has been encouraged US actions beginning with the Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021. 



Our enemies no longer fear us, and our allies no longer trust us.

The shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan was a total disaster that the United States will live with for many years to come. It didn’t have to happen this way; piss poor planning resulted in chaos, confusion and a significant loss of life. America has lost a considerable amount of credibility in the world. It will take years to win it back, if we ever can.

26 August 2021: 13 members of the military were killed in a terrorist attack in Afghanistan.

29 August 2021: North Korea appears to have restarted their nuclear reactors.

1 September 2021: 29 Sacramento students are left behind in Afghanistan after U.S. evacuation concludes.

Beijing is stepping up military activities around Taiwan, which it views as Chinese territory. It has never renounced the possible use of force to bring democratic Taiwan under its control.

4 September 2021: Chinese Navy Ships Came Within 12 Nautical Miles of U.S. Coast.

September 11, 2021: Video analysis shows the United States may have mistakenly targeted an aid worker rather than Islamic State fighters in its final strike in Afghanistan that killed 10 civilians (source New York Times).

12 September 2021: North Korea tests first strategic cruise missile with possible nuclear capability.

13 September 2021: China threatens to send warships inside US territorial waters.

15 September: North Korea fires two ballistic missiles as rivalry with the South mounts. This launch was the country’s first ballistic missile test in six months, and violated multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions.

23 September 2021: China sends 24 fighter jets toward Taiwan in show of force.

5 October 2021: China’s military flew 56 sorties near Taiwan, including flights by a dozen bombers, from the predawn hours into the night, following the arrival of an armada east of the island comprising ships from the U.S., U.K. and four other countries.

26 October 2021: U.S. Intelligence warns ISIS in Afghanistan Could Attack U.S. Within 6 Months.

1 November 21 2021: New commercial satellite photos taken on Monday confirm recent reports that Russia is once again massing troops and military equipment on the border with Ukraine after a major buildup this spring.

2 December 2021: Russian troops mass on Ukraine's border. West worries this isn't like the last time. Officials and experts say that this time is different —several clues give them genuine concern that the current gambit by Russian President Vladimir Putin might be for real, and the start of a conflict that could drag in Europe and even the U.S. itself.

4 December 2021: U.S. Intelligence sees Russian plan for possible Ukraine invasion. An invasion force could include 175,000 troops, but U.S. officials stress that President Putin’s intentions remain unclear.

18 January 2022: Russia moves more troops westward amid Ukraine tensions. Russian officials say Moscow is sending an unspecified number of troops from the country’s far east to Belarus for major joint military drills.

23 January 2022: China raises threat to Taiwan with naval presence east of island. Deployment of warships near southern Japan and east of Taipei is big expansion of Beijing’s military presence.

21 February 2022: Kremlin confirms Putin to recognize independence of Ukraine breakaway regions.

22 February 2022: Putin orders troops into pro-Russian regions of eastern Ukraine.

24 February 2022: Russia begins its Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

10 March 2022: North Korea tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile system in two launches 26 February and 4 March; a senior Biden Administration official calls it a "serious escalation."

24 March 2022: North Korea test-fires an intercontinental ballistic missile.

16 May 2022: Russia makes new threats over use of Satan-2 hypersonic nuclear missile on Britain.

5 June 2022: North Korea test-fires a salvo of short-range missiles.

27 July 2022: China threatens ‘strong measures’ if Pelosi visits Taiwan.

28 July 2022: North Korea's Kim Jong Un threatens to use nuclear weapons in potential conflicts with South Korea and United States

30 July 2022: China threatens to shoot down Pelosi’s flight, Pompeo urges her not to cancel Taiwan trip; Xi warns Biden ‘not to play with fire’.

4 July 2022: China starts biggest-ever military drills around Taiwan in wake of Pelosi's visit

25 September 2022: North Korea test-fires missile toward sea as U.S. President visits South.

4 October 2022: North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan for first time in 5 years, drawing quick response from U.S. & South Korea.

2 November 2022: North Korea launches 23 missiles as Kim Jong Un climbs the 'escalation ladder'. One of the missiles lands south of the sea border between the two countries for the first time since the Korean Peninsula was divided in 1948.

2 February 2023: Chinese spy balloon spotted over western U.S.

14 March 2023: Russian warplane hits American drone over Black Sea.

20 March 2023: North Korea’s Kim oversees simulated nuclear counterattack against U.S. and South Korea.

24 March 2023: New attack against U.S. base in Syria after alleged Iranian drone kills American contractor, drawing airstrikes.

31 March 2023: Wall Street Journal reporter arrested in Russia on spying charges. When asked if he (President Biden) was going to retaliate for the reporter’s detention by expelling Russian diplomats or journalists from the US, the 80-year-old commander-in-chief replied: “That’s not the plan right now.”

8 April 2023: China military rehearses ‘encircling’ Taiwan after US Speaker visit.

28 April 2023: Iran navy seizes tanker near Oman that was enroute to Houston.

24 May 2023: Western intelligence agencies report Chinese hacking group spying on U.S. critical infrastructure.

3 June 2023: A Chinese ship and a U.S. destroyer have a near miss this weekend after the Chinese vessel came within 150 yards of the USS Chung-Hoon in what was seen as an act of aggression.

9 June 2023: US intelligence reports Cuba gives China permission to build spying facility on island.

11 June 2023: Taiwan scrambles jets as Chinese war party crosses median line for second time in days.

13 June 2023: ‘Aggressive’ China cyberattacks are the ‘defining threat’ of our time, top U.S. cyber official says.

14 June 2023: Belarus president says Russia now sending over nuclear weapons amid Ukrainian counteroffensive.

6 July 2023: Tense footage shows Russian fighter jets harassing US drones over Syria.

18 July 2023: North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea Wednesday in what appeared to be a statement of defiance as the United States deployed a nuclear-armed submarine to South Korea for the first time in decades.

25 July 2023: Russian aircraft damages US drone flying over Syria.

6 October 2023: Hamas surprise attack out of Gaza Strip stuns Israel and leaves hundreds dead in fighting, retaliation; around 150 hostages (to include U.S. citizens) seized and moved into Gaza.


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