Sunday 8 October 2023

Predators posing as Legislators................from Rico

 Make no mistake, the end goal is no cars for peasants. Period. Full stop.

- In the meantime, car ownership will be made as uncomfortable and undesireable as possible.


Get a load of this steaming-fresh piece of shit legislation in the former-USA's CONgress: HR 3684

All new motors will be manufactured to run off a CPU or they will not run at all.

1. All CPU's are encrypted. They perform tasks without telling you and without your consent. [think: connecting to the internet, storing data logs, and recordings from a microphone.]

2. .Gov can access the data logs without the owner's consent by running a third-party program or bypassing the CPU's encryption using the Patriot Act.

= It will be impossible to run a vehicle without waiving all Fourth Amendment rights.

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