Monday 16 October 2023

The Diversity & Cultural Enrichment Lie..........from Rico

 Import the Third World = become the Third World.


Import Palestinians = become Gaza.


Ilhan Omar of Somalia was Obama's beta test for this.

- A Congressional district of blue collar Scandinavians in Minneapolis was displaced and entirely settled by imported Somalians (most former apparatchiks of the former Communist Somali Ilhan's father, and/or criminals) turning the area* into 'Little Mogadishu' [read: a shit hole like its namesake Mogadishu].


All under the disingenuous lie of diversity and cultural enrichment.


*Cedar-Riverside was a safe, solid, working-class neighborhood adjacent to the University of Minnesota campus. I happily lived there while a student back in the day. Today it's not worth your life to walk there.

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