Thursday 2 November 2023

Flu Shots, 400% ...................from Rico

 I ONCE took a 'Flu shot' at the urging* of my personal physician who I thought highly of and trusted.

- Within the week I was sick with some sick as I'd ever been.

- Later I also got the 'flu' (which I'd never had in my life...before or after that ONE 'Flu shot').


It was reasonable to conclude:

a. The 'Flu shot' was worthless.

b. The 'Flu shot' may have caused me to contract some crud.

c. Never take a 'Flu shot' again! And I have not and will not.


*I later learned the good doctor's urging me to take the (free) 'Flu Shot (he never had mentioned it before, btw) "was because I'd turned 65, and needed the protection" mention that Medicare pays him for administering an annual 'Flu shot' to patients age 65 and older.


Not only has the public long suspected the "Flu shot' only kinda-sometimes worked, now we have evidence that it also causes immune-damage against other respiratory viruses and makes one more susceptible to them. [read: The 'Flu shot' screws you in return for little...if any...actual protection.]


The 'Flu shot' DOES NOT WORK.




= Anyone who 'strongly suggests' everyone get the 'Flu shot' is an asshole who doesn't give a flying fuck about anything but MONEY.

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OLDFART said...

I agree completely.