Tuesday 21 November 2023

Liberal Ignorance is Bliss ......................from Rico

 As America prepares to celebrate its first Communist "Thanksgiving'' (thank you Team Obama) since the failed Socialist Mayflower/Pymouth compact, the 'progtards' yet bleat about 'fair.'


The ignoranuses still declaim "Pay your fair share!"


Ok! What is 'fair?'


As we enter Wallstreet's 'earnings season' let us compare the 'evil' oil company Exxon with the 'do no evil' Google:

- Exxon just reported $9.1 billion earnings with a 11.9% net margin.

- Google reported $19.7 billion with a 22.5% net margin.


Exxon paid $20.2 billion in tax.

Google paid $11.4 billion in tax.


Google made more money than Exxon on less revenue but pays a lower tax rate.

= Blame Exxon for gouging consumers and causing inflation!


So Exxon is BAD, but the profit margins at Google, Starbucks, Apple, and Nike are Ok? Fine?


Blow me!


PS: Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims!

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