Monday 6 November 2023

The 15 Minute SCAM .............................from Rico

 The UN's and motherWEFer's [both Useless Nitwits, as is anyone who drinks their koolaid] 15-minute cities spiel is a SCAM that diverts discussion of whether they are in fact 15-minute ghettos or 15-minute prisons.


These EVIL ones have already (setting aside Lahaina and Maui for the moment, which have already been 'cursed' with this designation) selected both their Top 10 and Top 25 "best" [meaning worst] US urban targets.


One wonders how much of the "mostly peaceful" BLM/Antifa urban improvement during the Summer of 2020 overlaps with this plan ref infra?

- It certainly identifies 10-25 places in the US you do not want to be for the coming "even more peaceful" Summer of 2024!

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