Monday 6 November 2023

Understanding Palestinians ..................from Rico

 Lacking an understanding of history, coupled with the memory span of guppies,  prevents many [Leftards most affected] from any cogent comprehension of the so-called "palestinians" (not capitalized because they are a recently 'invented' people which itself merits separate discussion).


They have a well-deserved reputation as violent trouble-makers and "bad news"... which is unsurprising given their affinity for Communism.


They stirred the gavno [translation: shit] in:

- Lebanon (they destroyed the 'Paris of the Middle East)

- Jordan (they established a separate parallel military and state-within-a-state until forcibly deported)

- Kuwait (despite having been welcomed with open arms, they supported Saddam's invasion, for which they were subsequently deported in 1991 ...then comprising 18% of the population).


It's not surprising in this context that Arab Muslims do not want or welcome any "Palestinian" refugees today.


On the other hand, neither is it surprising that the rulers of America are in full throat 'standing with Palestine' (being themselves gay, retarded, Communists) instead of deporting these shit-heels.

- Remember the Palestinians celebrating and rejoicing 9-11?


Who can possibly be unaware of CONgesscritter Rashida Tlaib* (Palestinian Democrat-Detroit) and/or fail to wonder "WTF are you thinking America?'


*Rancid Labia

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