Monday 13 November 2023

WW III isn't going as planned by Clown World................from Rico

 Allow me a moment to put on my "I'm surprised face" before observing that the fervently desired and sought WW III is simply NOT going the way Clown World [read: Globohomo, the motherWEFers, Team Obama and the rest of these clueless shmendricks] had planned/hoped.



US support has shifted to Israel. NATO has been bled dry. Both economies [EU and USSA] have been hurt, while Russia's has grown by ~+5%. Gotta love them sanctions, huh?


What comes after the surrender/fall/collapse of Ukraine? At least after the surrender/fall/collapse of the Kiev regime?

- It is unlikely that either Zelensky or the regime in Kiev will survive much longer.

- Post-Zelensky succession struggles are underway [the recent assassination of a top UKR aide is one big clue].



The Oct 7 attacks drew US forces into the region leaving full engagement on any other front 'problematic' for its Bud Lite force structure.



How long before Taiwan? [Or the Phillipines?]

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