Sunday 24 December 2023

Clown World Demoltion Derby ................from Rico

 Ukraine (and NATO) are finito. Mortally wounded, finished...they just have not stopped twitching yet.

- America is nearing its end thanks to Clown World.*


*The Globalists have hijacked America. It no longer belongs to the people.

- It's the same for EUrope and what we used to call 'the West.'


It is ALL now a system of Globalist hegemony over humanity on behalf of an illegitimate international oligarchy.

- History, culture, tradition, and their roots have been erased/destroyed.


The fall of the Roman empire described by Gibbons covered the span of a century.

- The fall of the West will be measured in decades, years, and months. [h/t Barry & Team Obama for your key role.]

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