Tuesday 12 December 2023

Pattern Recognition ...............from Rico

 The Globalist Depopulationists faked their 'scamdemic' by renaming the flu in order to introduce their equally fraudulent mRNA  not-a-vaccine 'vaccine.'


The following pattern has emerged:

Declining birth rates across the globe have been achieved.

Excess deaths and disabilities have surged.

- USG data links the 'vaxx' to a 143,233% increase in fatal cancer cases.

- A just published study says mRNA produces an immune response of random misshapen proteins.


In summary I quote Michael Yeadon "...the design of the so-called vaccine was intentionally to harm people."


Humanity was wittingly and wilfully attacked by these evil creatures who deserve a replay of 1789 France.

Shocking Report: U.S. Government Data Reveals a Staggering 143,233% Surge in Fatal Cancer Cases Linked to COVID Vaccinations

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