Sunday 28 January 2024

The housing crisis............that only the homeless care about

The video below puts the housing crisis far better than I can and should be compulsory viewing for all the muppets responsible for this housing balls up ..........


The homeless have no voice. Politicians (local and national) don't give a fuck as we can't vote.  Families are being booted out of their homes because of greedy landlords who have no shame. Housing benefit hasn't risen for at least 4 years while rents have gone through the roof. Try finding a one bed flat for £450 a month anywhere!

The myth that landlords or their agents cannot refuse those on benefits is bullshit. Now they just ask for proof of income and credit checks. It is presently impossible for many to find a home because of this. Councils would rather pay £2000 a month to put someone in temporary accommodation than pay less then half that on rent on a flat or house for someone.

There is no lack of housing in this country, just a lack of testicles where local councils are involved. Housing officers are tied by pettifogging little rules, which curtail their limited abilities. Every privately owned empty house should be seized by local councils under CPO's to provide housing (landlords - Use it or lose it). There are ex-military bases where there are literally thousands of empty houses rotting away because the MOD is run by a bunch of woke donkeys. Each base is almost a village in its-self, perfect for creating new communities instead of burying productive farmland under brick and tarmac. (Anyone who thinks eating bugs and plants will feed the world is a fucking moron).

As for who qualifies for help: Ex-servicemen many with PTSD should be top of the list. Next should be those who are in employment (yes you can have a job and still be homeless). Single mothers (Divorced or widowed) qualify. Getting pregnant does not qualify you for a home. (see video above). 

Thousands of people are stuck in an impossible situation with no way out, this should not be allowed to happen in a developed country!!

At the moment homeless is for life not just for Christmas!!!


Dan Patterson said...

Man that hurts.

Clayton in Mississippi said...

I'm sure it would greatly strengthen your premise if you would clearly label the two columns of numbers so we know what they are.

"One bedroom (shared) 65.59 285.00" communicates no useful information as the reader has no idea what those two numbers represent.

Don't mind me. said...

Do you have the amount of property taxes, maintenance costs, insurance costs and the landlords time spent to give us some perspective?