Sunday 7 January 2024

Nothing Is As It Appears ..................from Rico

 Control by blackmail explains much that otherwise makes absolutely no sense... like the 'decision' that forcing Americans to 'buy' unwantd .gov health insurance [ObamaCare] was OK because it was a tax and therefore somehow not tyrannical Communist extortion.


As more Epstein stuff dribbles out, will we start to see more 'suicides' as loose-ends are (a) tied-off and/or as (b) warnings for certain folks to STFU or else?


van helsing said...

while roberts has massive dirt out there, the guy sitting with Jizzlaine is French pedo Jean Luc Brunel. he died in prison (?) 2/20/22.

Matthew said...

That photo is not Justice Roberts, it's modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, that was debunked years ago.

Did Epstein have lots of clients that are .gov elitists? Of course. Should the public be made aware of them, and should they all be in prison? Damn right.

Promoting BS does not strengthen the case.