Thursday 11 April 2024

Following the Science .........from Rico

Just not the 'climate science' being spouted by Gretard the mildly-retarded Rothschild relative...


Field Mouse said...

A little photoshopping has taken place as the article is actually titled "Accelerated Mammary Gland Development during Pregnancy and Delayed Postlactational Involution in Vitamin D3 Receptor Null Mice".
Funny one though. :)

checklight said...

How dare you!

This is hilarious, and plausible. However I typed in the doi dot org address and found the paper is actually about "Vitamin D3 Receptor Null Mice". [ academic.oup dot com/mend/article/18/9/2208/2747620 ] I wish somebody would actually investigate your proposed topic. My guess is that affected females would not necessarily be "intellectually disabled", but merely average.