Monday 8 July 2024

FR & UK 'Elections' ..........from Rico

At least the UK and French 'elections' were free and fair!

- Too bad the polls were so horridly wrong. Or were they? Were they a measure of how much the hard-Left [read: Communists] had to cheat?

- Were these FAKE 'elections' imposing Communism while calling it Democracy?


Le Pen's National Rally Party won all of France except Paris [think Trump winning all of the US except DC] but came in third.

- Surely it's a coincidence' that the hard-Left Communists lost the first round of the FR 'election' last week.


Labor made an 'astonishing' landslide come back in what's been called the 'most disproportional election in British history.'

- The UK's Reform Party should have won 94-95 seats, not 5.

= The UK has a new hard-Left Communist PM.

 In BOTH 'elections' so much for Diversity is Strength.

- Not that Communists lie and cheat, or that immigrants/migrants vote by race and religion.

 Who could have seen that coming?

- Neither Enoch Powell nor Lee Kuan Yew could be reached for comments.

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