Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Sunday Best.............

Dateline Africa: Christians Lag Muslims By Significant Margin In Religious Bloodthirstyness Index

LAT Buries Tea Party Coverage; KABC-LA Slams 'Racist Teabaggers'; NYT Boosts Same-Sex 'Health Rights', 'Misunderstood Immigrants'!

This is Britain

Single mother soldier who claimed £1.1m over childcare left her baby for two years

Tax Day Tea Party 2010 Gala Extravaganza

Star Wars
This is just so wrong.

Boomer Lad Made A New Friend To Trade Ammo And Components With Recently

Militants trap kids on Zim farm

SA looks to the sea for water needs

Volcano chaos could continue for months

SAS in body armour 'private funding' row

UN bodyguard 'executed by Afghan police'

World Cup foreign fan numbers halve

Dan Snow organises Channel flotilla to evacuate stranded Britons

Zimbabwe's 30th birthday: how did Robert Mugabe turn hope into misery?

The secret war mission that inspired Goldfinger scene

Army bomb disposal expert speaks of agony of losing six colleagues

Climategate: a scandal that won’t go away

Taliban’s supreme leader signals willingness to talk peace

White House ‘not ready’ for nuclear Iran

Hookers, hash and a haven from Robert Mugabe

Ban on commercial whaling to be overturned

Israel warns Syria over Hezbollah attacks

Beer, wine and women seized by vice police in Kabul restaurants raid

Poachers cash in on French diners’ enduring love of frogs’ legs

China tries to sterilise 10,000 parents over one-child rule

Surrender now – the army’s no place for you, Private Single-Mum

the Clarkypoos Bit..........

Hounded by the ash cloud on my escape from Colditz to Blighty

Bentley Continental Supersports

and little Jimmy May.......

Marks & Spencer will be the death of me

and finally........

That (Bird)Dog Won’t Hunt


LifeoftheMind said...

The last sentence of the 'Goldfinger' story, "He was good-looking, a cool womaniser, and in many ways an atypical spy" hurts. The awful truth, typical spies are none of those things.

Regarding ClimateGate I posted the following at The Telegraph.

What is needed is some financial mechanism to control this. If there was a right in law for a citizen, whose increased tax and regulatory burdens make them a victim of a fraud, to sue the profiteers for damages then those who feed lies to the government and receive a benefit would be discouraged. Those exercising government authority while taking money from or channeling money to profiteers from the scam should be prosecuted for corruption. In America there is the Racketeering Influences and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute that allows pursuit of such conspiracies. Is there an equivalent in the UK?

Grimmy said...

Regarding the story at link title: "Militants trap kids on Zim farm"

"But if people start getting hurt we'll stop the (legal) action."

Way to issue a death warrant to the farmers, numb nut.