Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Attorney General Double Epiphany

Whoa! -- Aside from having the fugliest 'stache ever -- Great Satan's Attorney General has finally hooked up Captain Obvious (alas, far beyond the limits of cool) and enjoyed his very own legal 'double epiphany':

Divine Daemoneoconic Avatar Dr Murvachik 'splains

“We’re now dealing with international terrorism,” explained Holder. Not much gets past that man. It is, after all, only four-plus months since the attempted Christmas airplane bombing, six months since the Fort Hood massacre, and a mere eight and a half years since the attacks on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon..."

Essentially - treating terrorists, their fanboys and enablers as common crooks is idiotic -- and that the Attorney General himself is an idiot for ever espousing such twaddling twaddle.

"Something big is happening. Big enough to alarm the White House. So big that the administration did an abrupt about-face regarding terrorism.

"Terrorism's serious now -- driving major policy reversals. The administration just won't tell us why."

Pic - "The reality that there is a constant threat from those who wish to do us harm simply because of our way of life." from the staff @ GrEat sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD

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