Friday, 18 February 2011

Wisconsin's Revolutionary Trotskyites

These folks are from International Socialist Organization, revolutionary Trotskyites committed to global anti-capitalist struggle. What's fascinating is how the lady speaks about how "all of our members" are up every morning organizing for the dictatorship of the proletariat. That's amazing, since I thought we only had imaginary communists in America:

Lots more killer links at the roundup: "Socialist Public Employees Call for Revolution in Wisconsin."

And hot updates throughout the night.


Oscarman said...

Why is it that everytime "the people" speak their collective voices to denounce "corporate America" or "workers," it suddenly becomes a communist, socialist, Trotsky movement? The working people of this county are sick and tired of the rightous millionaires who are attempting to take over this country. Does Cairo or some of the turmoil in the middle east mean anything to you people? Chow!

Anonymous said...

That young revolutionary would pi$$ herself if she ever saw the business end of a gun.

Minicapt said...

Because, O-Man, your 'working people' with the 'collective voices' are not representative of the traditional workers in America and elsewhere. They are the vermin infesting the body politic, the blood-sucking leeches and lice draining life from the labouring body they unjustly malign.


Anonymous said...

Ha,Oman uses a euroweeny word to end his lunacy. A euroweeny word that shows me he is all for socialism. How ironic, he probably thinks he is being urbane. I view him as just showing his true communistic colors. Probably doesn't even realize that he is so transparant.