Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Classic!...............from Rico

This happens far too regularly to be 'coincidence.'
- An early morning "raid" by bullion banks in the wee hours when the access market is thinly-traded (with complicity from government) using unbacked paper (naked shorts) to suppress an uncomfortable physical price. Look at the chart and tell me this is NOT a 'rigged' game on the COMEX (aka CRIMEX). Yeah, more "Chicago way" a la Corzine!

Expect NO help from our 'regulators' at the SEC or CFTC (hahahahahahahaha) since our insider traders, otherwise known as Congress, are in on the scam and happily in a 'relationship' with our Too Pig To Fail (TPTF) Banks.

Capone and Dillinger must be rotating in their graves at the sight of such open and blatant criminality.

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