Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Video: I Am Denmark

H/T Canis 61


Anonymous said...

My wife and I visited Copenhagen 12-years ago. It's a pretty city with lots of historic sights (Yes, we paid a visit to the "little mermaid").

However, even then the Muslim hoards were living in welfare estates on the outer periipheries of the old city.

Travelling by bus from the airport to our city-centre hotel I saw the black, fire-plug like women shuffling around with lots of kids in tow.

I fear the mild-mannered, benevolent Danes underestimate the Islamic tsunami that is about to engulf them.

I hope I'm wrong.

PacRim Jim said...

Danes, you were naive enough to let in Muslims by the thousand, who will out-reproduce you.
Either prepare for mass deportations, or set you GPSs to Mecca and your watches to five prayers a day.
Those are the unpalatable choices left to you.
Something rotten in Denmark, indeed.
It's the Danes.