Thursday 29 March 2012

Abandon paper, stand for physical..............from Rico

"lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'intrate." Dante "The Inferno"*

Paul mylchreest (Thunderroad Report) provides proof of the massive manipulation (suppression) of the Gold price since the US sovereign credit downgrade 05 Aug 2011.

Algorithmic trading programs operating across time zones (most obviously during London and NY trading, but sometimes 24/7) create 'hits' or price take-downs, smashing Gold when it should surge on key announcements/events (new stimulus, rate cuts, LTRO, etc.).

The 'need' for such concerted and blatant manipulation of Gold suggests the fiat money system is as fragile as it is fraudulent, and this is badle needed to make the financial system 'look' better than it really is (and to make the mis-management of Central Bankers 'look' less bad than it really is).

Algorith-driven interventions (attack times)"
- London open 8:am London/3:am NY
- COMEX open 1:20pm London/8:20am NY
- after pm 'fix' 3:pm london/10:am NY
- access market after 6:30pm London/1:30pm NY

Look at the patterns displayed on these charts. Only computer-driven trading can accomplish this. It is repeated over-and-over. If you look just at one day's chart (as displayed on Kitco or Bloomberg) you don't 'see' the big picture, but once you 'look' only a moron (a retail trader or a CFTC 'regulator') would fail to see the joke the paper bullion market has become.
- Of course, the BIG boys like MF Global/Corzine, the CME/COMEX, JPM, and our Central Bankers are all in on the joke.

*Anyone who trades within this rigged paper-ponzi system had best be aware of Dante's quote above:
"Abandon all hope, ye who enters here."

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john joseph jay said...


eli wallach to yul brenner in "the magnificent seven," explaining why he is a bandit.

"if god had not meant the sheep to be shorn, he would not have given them wool."


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