Thursday 29 March 2012

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Welcome to the March 29, 2012 edition of carnival of the vanities.

Anthony Dominick presents 10 Wealthiest Entrepreneurs of All Time posted at Online Business School.

Katie Hellerman presents How Project Management Software Can Revolutionize Your Small Business posted at Masters in Project Management.

Asya Fredrich presents 9 Surprising Things That Could Get You Evicted posted at Renters Insurance, saying, "It's a renter's worst nightmare: coming home to find an eviction notice hung angrily on your front door."

Martha Stewart presents 25 Brand Experts You Should Follow on Twitter posted at

Coleen Torres presents 10 SOPA Boycotts That Were Impressive posted at, saying, "The hotly contested Stop Online Piracy Act was one of the most controversial issues of late 2011 and early 2012. Lawmakers, entertainers and consumers alike spoke out vociferously against the potentially-dangerous legislation, which was eventually shelved."

Nancy Parker presents 10 Good Ways to Stretch Your Diaper Budget posted at eNannySource, saying, "Keeping your baby in diapers can be a huge strain on the household budget. Families spend hundreds of dollars on diapers for one child in a year. If a family has more than one child in diapers at one time, the budget for diapers can end up being more than your household energy bills."

Tracy Miller presents 10 Athletes Who Died Playing Their Sport posted at Insurance Quotes Blog, saying, "Even after death, the best athletes live on in ways they might not have imagined."

Suzanne Cullen presents Au Pair » 10 Ways to Tell Your Child is Faking a Nap posted at aupair, saying, "Little ones are notorious for fighting sleep, and for pretending to be asleep to avoid getting caught. As kids get older, their pretending-to-sleep skills can greatly improve, leaving even a parent to wonder if slumber is genuine."

Lindsay Willison presents 10 Ways to Get Even with Automated Answering Services posted at Landline Phone Service, saying, "The chances of reaching a live person when placing a call these days get slimmer all the time. Every call turns into a form of techno-gymnastics, hopping through a maze of push-button options until you finally reach a human being, if ever."

Debbie Denard presents 10 Lessons Parents Could Learn from Pirates posted at Nanny, saying, "The popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean films have led to a surge in pirate popularity in the last decade; themed parties for kids and adults alike, novelty items and a flood of books and films have appeared to cash in on the pirate craze."

Paul Taylor presents 10 Serious Choking Hazards for Babies posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, "There are dozens and dozens of objects and items that could potentially cause your child to choke. A rule of thumb to follow is: if it is small enough to be in their mouth then it is probable they could choke on it."

Chrysalis Amber presents 10 Most Common Counseling Specialties posted at counselingdegree.

Irene Beckerr presents 25 Fascinating Facts About Former U.S. Presidents posted at Masters in History.

Sandra Adams presents Improving Your Credit Score posted at Credit Cards for No Credit, saying, "none"

Linda Rodriguez presents Picking the right nursing home facility | Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer | McIver Brown Law Firm posted at Nursing Home Abuse, saying, "none"

Jennifer Hill presents Mace 2.0: 10 Cheap Safety Apps Every Woman Should Download posted at Best Black Dating Sites, saying, "none"

Sandra Campbell presents The Biggest Safety Mistakes You Can Make When Dating Online posted at Catholic Dating Sites, saying, "none"

Dorothy presents 5 Signs of a Successful First Date with a New Guy posted at Gay Dating Sites, saying, "none"

Jill Thompson presents 7 Public Online Databases & Techniques to Make Sure Your Blind Date Isn?t A Creep posted at Best Free Dating Sites, saying, "none"

wizard presents How Can a Geek Get LAID posted at Wizard Corpse, saying, "a guide for how a geek can earn respect"

Jon Rhodes presents Change a Habit in 28 Days posted at HypnoBusters, saying, "This article sh0ows you a great technique to change any habit in just 28 days."

Diana Clerk presents 16 Qualities Every Truly Great Sports Agent Has posted at Sports Management Degrees, saying, "Professional careers in most sports are short, and an athlete must be able to count on you to make as much money as possible."

Molly Frank presents The 11 Most Disgraced Teachers on Facebook posted at Online Degrees, saying, "People say stupid things on Facebook all the time. Whether they cross the line and get too political, or overshare into the TMI zone, Facebook posts can be downright embarrassing."

Martha Stewart presents 10 Big Businesses That Let Employees Nap on the Job posted at

Sue Waters presents 10 Most Kickass Car Racing Video Games posted at Car Insurance Blog News, Tips, and Quotes, saying, "Racing a car next to your best friend will get your blood flowing, but also has a tendency to spill it — unless you're playing video games."

Laura Backes presents 10 Topics That Are Taboo on Twitter posted at DSL Service Providers, saying, "To establish the safest, and most agreeable environment in which to build social networks, sites such as Twitter will provide terms of service (TOS) for its members."

Gordan Smith presents 10 Types of Websites I Wish Were Illegal posted at Internet Provider, saying, "This isn’t so much about issues of free speech as it is about the aesthetics of the online world, although some of the subject matter does appear to cross even legal lines."

Carol Watson         presents 10 Signs Your Child May be Color Blind posted at National Nannies, saying, "When someone is color blind it doesn’t mean that they see no colors. It’s not like they see everything in shades of gray except in very rare instances."

Molly Cunningham presents 10 Kid-Related Excuses to Avoid a Speeding Ticket posted at Live-In Nanny, saying, "The sight of those flashing blue lights in a rearview mirror sends most adults scrambling for a plausible excuse that will get them out of a citation."

Dorothy presents 8 Body Language Tricks to Make Yourself More Attractive posted at Gay Dating Sites.

Jon Rhodes presents How To Make An Amazing Blog Post posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, "This article giveds some great tips on writing blog posts."

Coleen Torres presents 10 TV Programs That Should Be in 3D posted at, saying, "If you’re one of those consumers, like us, who wants to have all the latest technologies, and you’ve bought a 3D television, then this will not come as a shock to you."

Erica Morgan presents 10 Ways to Broadcast Your Love Online posted at Internet Providers, saying, "Once upon a time, those who fell in love wanted to “shout it from the rooftops.” In today’s society, proclaiming your love far and wide is quite simple: a few keystrokes and a click, and everyone knows that you’re off the market."

Debbie Denard presents 10 Reasons Kids Cry on Airplanes posted at Nanny, saying, "When small children are seen boarding a plane, many of the other passengers may be secretly hoping that their seats aren’t located too closely to the family with the children."

Sue Waters presents 10 Best Sites to Visit Before Car Buying posted at Car Insurance Blog News, Tips, and Quotes, saying, "Car buying can be an incredibly daunting and frustrating task, especially if you haven't done an adequate amount of homework."

Martha Stewart presents 10 People Who Take Personal Branding Too Far posted at

jim presents Prevent Identity Theft and E-File Your Taxes posted at Identity Theft Wall.

Sandra Adams presents What is the best dating site? posted at 100 Best Dating Sites, saying, "none"

Sandra Campbell presents 8 First Date Questions to Know if He’s the One >> Catholic Dating Sites posted at Catholic Dating Sites, saying, "none"

Linda Rodriguez presents When a Loved One is Being Abused: What To Do posted at Nursing Home Abuse, saying, "none"

Jennifer Hill presents Important factors you want in a black dating site posted at Best Black Dating Sites, saying, "none"

Chelsea Prescotti presents Income Tax Issues with Renting Out a Room | Renters Insurance posted at Renters Insurance, saying, "If you own a property and are renting out a room to a friend or acquaintance, you might wonder whether or not you have to declare that rent as income for federal income tax purposes. The answer is simply yes, you do have to declare and report the monies you are paid as rental income. The good thing about this is that the IRS allows you certain deductions so that you do not have to pay taxes on the full amount. We’ll run through the basics here, but always go to a tax professional for advice for your specific situation."

presents Sheriff Menendez Takes on the Wild West of Prepaid Debit posted at NerdWallet Blog - Credit Card Watch, saying, "Prepaid debit cards escaped regulation for years as legislators sought to rein in credit and debit cards. But as the prepaid market explodes, it's about time someone imposed order."

Madely Zoe presents Nurse Practitioners vs. Doctors: How Does Your Treatment Differ? posted at Best Nurse Practitioner Programs.

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