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Welcome to the Marty 26, 2012 edition of best of me symphony.

Change Your Life presents How to change your life | ChangeYourLife posted at Change Your Life.

Martha Stewart presents 18 Amazing MBA Programs for Avid Travelers posted at

Elena Verlee presents The Economics of Valentine’s Day posted at

Stella Hooper presents 10 Reasons Newlyweds Should Rent Instead of Buy a Home | Renters Insurance posted at Renters Insurance, saying, "Being a newlywed is one of the most fun and exciting times in anyone's life."

Mary Edwards presents 10 Ways to Test Drive Moving in Together posted at Best Dating Sites, saying, "Making the leap from dating to cohabitation can be daunting; on top of trying to combine two lives worth of belongings into one space, there’s the added tension of wondering if you’ll even be able to get along."

Suzanne Cullen presents Au Pair » 8 Ways to Make Vegetables Fun posted at aupair, saying, "If it’s green, it’s a vegetable, if it’s a vegetable chances are your kid has already called the family dog over to the kitchen table for back up. Your goal as a parent is to feed your kids the nutrients that they need, but they aren’t making it easy on you."

Paul Taylor presents 10 Bedtime Stories Parents Love posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, "It’s the end of the day, desert has been served, teeth have been brushed and now it’s time to take your little one to bed. Bedtime stories are a time where a parent can escape with their child to a far off place."

Trisha Torrey presents 10 Badass Biker Chicks posted at, saying, "In a way, you can’t help but be cool when you’re a chick on a bike."

Theresa Torres presents The Best and Worst Things to Buy with Credit Cards posted at The Diva Network, saying, "Get the most out of your credit cards by knowing how to use them wisely and by being aware of what you shouldn't charge on them."

Theresa Torres presents 6 Ways to Combine Your Blog with Twitter posted at Niche Tech Blog, saying, "If you're a small business owner, social media platforms like Twitter can be a good potential market for you. You can use Twitter for your advertising campaign and even make it more effective by combining it with your blog in these several ways."

Madely Zoe presents How the iPad is Measuring Up With Medical Information posted at

Katie Hellerman presents A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Forensic Science: What Happens at a Crime Scene? posted at Forensic Science Degree.

Martha Stewart presents 50 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Manager posted at

wizard presents All The Wisdom You Need In One Poem posted at Wizard Corpse, saying, "the great literature will help you live a more fulfilling life"

Hannah Howard presents 10 Reasons Most Social Bookmarking Sites Suck posted at Longhorn Leads, LLC, saying, "The trouble with most social bookmarking sites is that they don’t have the proper balance that would make them as useful as they could be. Either there are too many sites that rank highly for no apparent reason, or there are too few gems to pluck from the sea of rubbish to make the effort worthwhile."

Paul Taylor presents 10 Common Ways Kids Make Other Kids Cry posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, "Even though it’s difficult for any parent, hurt feelings and minor injuries are part of growing up for every child. When tears are the result of another child’s influence, it can be even more painful to witness; here are ten of the ways that children often make each other cry."

Abby Nelson presents 10 Ways to Stand Up to Sad Puppy Dog Eyes posted at Nanny Classifieds, saying, "“He has you wrapped around his little finger!” That was the comment so often made to the parent or adult who just couldn’t resist the big sad look of the child who knew how to melt the heart and cause a reversal of any decision deemed not to his liking. Fathers, mothers, grandpas and grandmas, (especially grandpas and grandmas) fall victim to the big pleading eyes of girls and boys of all ages all the time."

Jailan Marie presents There are signs everywhere posted at Innovative Solutions For Positive Change, saying, "As we raise our eyes and our awareness we begin to see the signs and they are everywhere."

Asya Fredrich presents 9 Surprising Things That Could Get You Evicted posted at Renters Insurance, saying, "It's a renter's worst nightmare: coming home to find an eviction notice hung angrily on your front door."

Martha Stewart presents 25 Brand Experts You Should Follow on Twitter posted at

Coleen Torres presents 10 SOPA Boycotts That Were Impressive posted at, saying, "The hotly contested Stop Online Piracy Act was one of the most controversial issues of late 2011 and early 2012. Lawmakers, entertainers and consumers alike spoke out vociferously against the potentially-dangerous legislation, which was eventually shelved."

Nancy Parker presents 10 Good Ways to Stretch Your Diaper Budget posted at eNannySource, saying, "Keeping your baby in diapers can be a huge strain on the household budget. Families spend hundreds of dollars on diapers for one child in a year. If a family has more than one child in diapers at one time, the budget for diapers can end up being more than your household energy bills."

Tracy Miller presents 10 Athletes Who Died Playing Their Sport posted at Insurance Quotes Blog, saying, "Even after death, the best athletes live on in ways they might not have imagined."

Suzanne Cullen presents Au Pair » 10 Ways to Tell Your Child is Faking a Nap posted at aupair, saying, "Little ones are notorious for fighting sleep, and for pretending to be asleep to avoid getting caught. As kids get older, their pretending-to-sleep skills can greatly improve, leaving even a parent to wonder if slumber is genuine."

Byteful Travel presents Muir Woods Review: Secrets of the Primeval Redwood Forest posted at Byteful Travel, saying, "When was the last time you saw a thousand years in a single glance? Have you ever seen how a dying relic can bring new life? Today, you will. The Magic of Travel stayed with me as I was practically swept up into visiting the Muir Woods national park which contains one of the planet’s last remaining primeval forests, complete with one of the tallest species of trees in the world: the Coast Redwoods. It was life-changing."

Lindsay Willison presents 10 Ways to Get Even with Automated Answering Services posted at Landline Phone Service, saying, "The chances of reaching a live person when placing a call these days get slimmer all the time. Every call turns into a form of techno-gymnastics, hopping through a maze of push-button options until you finally reach a human being, if ever."

Debbie Denard presents 10 Lessons Parents Could Learn from Pirates posted at Nanny, saying, "The popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean films have led to a surge in pirate popularity in the last decade; themed parties for kids and adults alike, novelty items and a flood of books and films have appeared to cash in on the pirate craze."

Paul Taylor presents 10 Serious Choking Hazards for Babies posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, "There are dozens and dozens of objects and items that could potentially cause your child to choke. A rule of thumb to follow is: if it is small enough to be in their mouth then it is probable they could choke on it."

Alessandra presents Sequins and Shimmies: A Flying Trapeze and a Leap of Faith posted at Sequins and Shimmies, saying, "none"

Chrysalis Amber presents 10 Most Common Counseling Specialties posted at counselingdegree.

Irene Beckerr presents 25 Fascinating Facts About Former U.S. Presidents posted at Masters in History.

Alyssa robert presents 20 Tips for Turning Photography Into a Career » How to Become a Photographer posted at howtobecomeaphotographer.

Antonio Banderas presents The Ultimate Grad School Survival Guide posted at Online Masters.

Change Your Life presents A better way to live | ChangeYourLife posted at Change Your Life.

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