Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Trayvon Martin 'Decked' George Zimmerman

Well, the truth is starting to come out.

See: "Racial Justice Update: Trayvon Martin 'Decked' George Zimmerman, 'Slammed His Head Into Sidewalk Several Times'."

And about those "Pussy Ass Crackers," the rapper selling t-shirts is one hardcore mofo: "'Anythang 4 My Niggaz' — Yo, Check Out This Gangsta Video From Florida Rapper Selling 'Pussy Ass Cracker' T-Shirts."

BONUS: "The End of Innocence? Trayvon Martin Had Multiple School Suspensions."


PacRim Jim said...

America seems filled with professional savages.
Still think religion served no purpose?

PacRim Jim said...

Despite vociferous opposition by the Democrat Party, the Republican Party got the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964, with the hope that it would lead to full integration of whites and blacks.
However, integration is unacceptable to race-baiters in the Democrat Party, who make their living off inter-racial discord.
Now, it seems, many are admitting that integration is an impossible ideal, so segregation is the only solution to the discord.
Apparently, Martin Luther King lived for nothing.

Larry Sheldon said...

How did George Zimmerman get to be under Trayvon Martin?

Did Martin chase Zimmerman's car down the street, drag Zimmerman out through an open car window (without getting shot), and then begin to beat the snot out of Zimmerman, getting shot in the process?

I read that Zimmerman's weappn was just stuck in his waistband. Hod did he manage to keep it there while being dragged out through the window?

Or is it possible that Zimmerman got out of his car, went to Martin and began an inadvisable physical contact (what did we used to call that....."assault and battery"?) that resulted in Zimmerman getting his ass kicked for which he shot Martin?

Scott said...

Thousands upon thousands of black on black murders occur every year in America. Where are the protests? Blacks who make up 13% of the US population committ over 50% of the murders...What have Jesse and Al to say about that rather glaring statistic??? Nothing. Media silent as well.