Monday, 26 March 2012

Not watching the 'news' #523............from Rico

Forget about Iran. It's all chest-thumping, and just one more manufactured 'crisis' to distract everyone from another REAL problem that needs to be considered and dealt with.

For a real 'crisis' how about the Global non-recovery "recovery?"
- You know, the the solving of problems caused by too much debt with MORE debt.

The Central Banks have all heavily pressed the electronic CTRL+P button, with Benny of the FED briefly holding back lately in a false show of restraint. This has clearly put our favorite privately-owned for-profit Central Bank into dead last place in the race to debase.

The FED is 'losing' this race despite having expanded by 232% in five years.

The FED has gone from 6% of US GDP to 19%.
- This is 'false' growth without which the US GDP would net 13% lower. The FED's "monetization of debt" coupled with the continued disappearance of "money good" assets and job elimination means that any further 'growth' can only be accomplished through more currency dilution.

The wise ones, the powers that be, are thoughtfully preventing anyone's head from 'hurting' by considering this hard reality in an election year so you won't be seeing this on the 'news' (hahahahhahahhahahahaha) anytime soon.
- Or ever.

No, I do NOT miss that lying Commie Walter Cronkite, or Dan Rather, or that Couric wench...or any of them. There is nothing in the MSM or FTV realm even remotely worth wasting any time on.
- At least other pure fiction like CSI, or whatever TROMA is being fed to the masses to keep them dull, stupid, and placid can be mildy entertaining while also demanding 'suspension of disbelief.'

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PacRim Jim said...

I never watch or read the mainstream media.
Than our lucky stars that we taxpayers funded the Internet, which disintermediated the hard-left media and freed our minds from their control.
I chuckle each time I see on of them go out of business.