Thursday, 8 March 2012

Oracle? Rico

The media just loves to portray Warren Buffet, a.k.a. the Oracle of Omaha, in a Grandfatherly light and often while enjoying ice cream. Wise and benign.
- Why wouldn't they? He has become the Oracle of Obama, and like the MSM, is a huge shill for and promoter of the person who calls himself President.

Looking at the rolling 10-year performance of Berkshire Hathaway tells a different story however, very different from the 'brilliant investor' we are told he is (which gives him a credibility and gravitas he no longer deserves today).
- And gee, if the guy is that good, he must be right about Barry, too!

Recently Warren jawboned gold as 'unproductive' playing a key role in this misAdministration's and the Fed's campaign to convince us that the intrinsicly worthless scraps of their paper are money and gold is not (avoiding any scrutiny as they debauch it's purchasing power).
- This is within the context of an overarching program to promote central planning and a fascist form of communism. (You know, the same recipe which collapsed the USSR.)

Now look at the rolling 10-year performance of gold. It's not that anyone holding precious metals expects it to 'produce' anything like the obviously productive Berkshire Hathaway, but rather they DO expect it to hold it's value while the value of the fiat currencies (and the assets priced in those currencies) sinks like a rock towards zero with the help of Central Bankers and their indebted captive Governments.
- By the way, the senile old guy is WRONG about Barry, too!

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