Thursday, 8 March 2012

Proof Suicide Bombers Want to Live Dan Friedman

Hamas Says It Wouldn't Join a War on Israel (WSJ – $)

[Interesting, Hamas is hedging its bets on Iran and showing reluctance to attack Israel if Israel attacks Iran. This behavior puts a lie to the received wisdom that Hamas (and Hezbollah) missiles will rain down on the Jewish state should Israel decide to unload on the Mullah’s nuclear facilities. In fact, it turns the accepted narrative on its head. Iran’s proxies in Gaza and Lebanon know that after Israel is through with Iran, Israel will be in no mood to play patty-cake with them. Indeed, the ensuing turmoil would give an emboldened Israel an excellent opportunity to finish the unfinished business left over by Cast Lead and the Second Lebanon War. This possible turning of the tables, and the enhanced Israeli strength that would flow from it, is no doubt keeping Hamas and Hezbollah leaders awake at night. Not to mention Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the editorial board of the New York Times too. df]

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