Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The #VRWC Report: banned words, Rodney King redux, and the ghost of James Madison

Politically Correct Silliness: The 50 words you can't use in school. We don't need no education.

Trayvon Martin update: Trashing a Walgreens for Justice. Or fun. Does it really matter which?

Barack Obama is David Dinkins. And if the Black Panthers get their way, George Zimmerman is Yankel Rosenbaum.

Is the Individual Mandate in trouble at SCOTUS? We can only hope. But James Madison will still be spinning in his grave. And the federal government won't ever stop growing.

There's TMI and then there's Arlen Specter's memoirs. Brain bleach, STAT.

Can you guess the number 2 movie out this week?

 Playing in the dirt is good for your kids. And you too.

Jon Corzine fell from grace because he forgot his Midwestern roots.

And, your feel-good story of the day: Another jihadist work accident. Oops.


KingShamus said...

Too kind, sir.

Thank you very much for the link.

Matt said...

Thanks for the link to the Conservative Hideout. It's great to be mentioned with such a great group of blogs.