Monday 30 April 2012

America's Four Horsemen..............from Rico

Wiser heads than mine have opined that the REAL problem is less Barry, than it is a populace incandescently stoopid enough to vote for a closet Marxist control-freak.

When I ran across these four horsemen of the American Apocalypse, it gelled for me.
- Barry is an unpleasant symptom of a potentially fatal disease, but the disease itself is American and not foreign.

Don't get me wrong, I abhor the lavish taxpayer-funded vacations, the overt racism, the implicit embrace of Islamic extremists, and to be fair...everything this sick joker believes in and seems to stand for (ignore his hollow and smarmy words and pay attention to his sordid deeds):
- So far this person has held more re-election fundraisers than every President since Nixon combined.
- All the while, making Nixon look like an angelic cherub and Carter look competent.
- And is now making jokes about eating dogs. Dog dog, not hotdogs [for Democrats read: weiner].

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TOF said...

Those four sins are certainly not unique to the USA.