Saturday 14 April 2012

Obama (Soetoro) - Romney..............from Rico

I made a serious effort to distinguish any differences between that Soetoro guy who calls himself Obama, and Romney.
- At first, I could see NO difference.

Then, it became clear. Romney has no problem releasing his 'real' birth certificate, and Barry has spent millions to conceal his behind an army of lawyers and has only 'released' a fake, badly photo-shopped forgery of one.
- Hmmmmm.

EUREEKA! It is now crystal clear to me. As tired as I am of being saddled with the Dole's and McPain's by the RINO Party, I held my nose understanding that they could not possibly be as disastrous as Gore and Kerry.
- We all should be able to clearly understand how this Barry fella is simply NOT working out (well, unless you're a radical Marxist that is)!

As much as I do not like Romney, HERE IS THE HUGE DIFFERENCE:
- at least he will not actively seek to absolutely destroy the Constitutional Republic like Barry has been working towards, and like he intends to accomplish if he is re-elected and has more "flexibility" without having to worry about another pesky election.

I hope we do not lose sight of the big picture...not see the forest for the individual trees, and be distracted by petty details and differences.
- Romney is quite flawed, but at least he was raised an American and is not a flaming Communist!

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