Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Egypt's Morsi: "Lie? Moi?"..............from Dan Friedman

[Islamists say “we love death as much as you love life.” Then there’s the corollary: “We love deceit as much as you love truth.”df]
Brietbart Big Peace, 11.27/12
Egypt's opposition parties and groups are calling for mass rallies and "million-man marches" on Tuesday, to protest last Thursday's Constitutional Decree by president Mohamed Morsi, giving himself dictatorial powers. Morsi met with a Judges group on Monday, raising hopes that he would rescind the decree, but he refused to change it in any way. Reportedly, he promised to use his dictatorial powers only for "sovereign matters," leaving lesser matters to be challenged by the courts, but he will be the one to decide what is or isn't a "sovereign matter," so nothing has changed. According to analysts, Morsi's intent is to protect the Constituent Assembly, which is comprised mostly of members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi himself was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to taking office as president, and so his intent is evidently to have the Muslim Brotherhood control the writing of the new constitution. This is expected to take six months, after which Morsi says he'll give up his dictatorial powers. Al-Ahram (Cairo)
Egypt's 'Hope and Change' candidate Morsi has forgotten all his promises
Many Egyptians voted for Mohamed Morsi as the first democratically elected president in Egypt for 5,000 years because they saw him as a "hope and change" candidate who would reverse the direction of the country after the dictatorship of deposed ruler Hosni Mubarak, and would bring order out of the chaos in the streets and in the economy. But Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood have made one promise after another that they're simply ignoring:
  • At first, the MB said they would only present candidates for one-third of the seats of the parliament, but they broke that promise and fought for every one.
  • They said that they would not field a candidate for president, but they put forth Mohamed Morsi, who won.
  • Morsi had promised to appoint a Copt and a woman as vice presidents, but he ignored those promises.
  • He promised to follow the laws, but he ignored the orders of the independent judiciary.
  • Then last Thursday, he issued his Constitutional Decree giving himself dictatorial powers.
  • On Monday, he refused to change or rescind decree, despite furious opposition.
Muslim Brotherhood members are giving Morsi their full support, and they are a large group, but not a majority. The secularists and the liberals are opposed to Morsi's decree, but so are the Salafists who, while they're Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood, are not willing to cede so much power to the MB. Morsi is hoping that after 18 months of riots and demonstrations, Egyptians are tired of protesting, and will accept anything he says. He may be right, but the first test will occur with the "million man marches" on Tuesday.

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